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Full Service

Monthly service fee starting at $145

At New Living Pools, our weekly cleaning service allows you to relax and enjoy your pool with the peace of mind that a certified technician will care for your pool weekly.


If your pool requires repair, we will discuss the matter with you, quote you a price, and complete the work in a timely fashion at the price quoted.


  • Evaluation and balancing of chemicals

  • Brushing the pool walls & steps

  • Skimming the water surface

  • Emptying all  baskets

  • Vacuuming pool when necessary

  • Backwashing filter as required

  • Inspecting pool and equipment

  • Notifying you of any repairs needed

  • Maintaining proper service records

  • Send weekly maintenance report to customer

Chemical Service

Monthly service fee starting at $85

If you prefer doing the basic pool care yourself but you want a professional to come and maintain all the chemicals in your pool every week – this weekly chemical service is for you.


Forget about handling chlorine tablets, adding acid, checking the PH, etc – and let us do it for you, making sure everything is exactly where it needs to be so you can relax and enjoy your pool.


  • Evaluation and balancing of all chemicals: chlorine, free chlorine, acidity, pH, and stabilizer  (adding salt additional for salt systems)

  • Emptying all catcher baskets, leaf vac, canister, skimmer basket

  • Maintaining proper service records

  • Sending weekly maintenance report to customer


New Living Pools utilizes a system for removing calcium deposits quickly and inexpensively.

Tiny pellets are shot against the deposits under pressure, eliminating the calcium without harming the delicate tile. The calcium debris and small pellets settle to the bottom of pool and are removed by a vacuum. An average-sized home swimming pool takes only a few hours to clean and is just a fraction of the cost of replacing tile.


First, we drain the water about 6" below the tile. Then we clean the tile using environmentally safe glass beads, which are sprayed on the tile at a low air pressure. The calcium buildup is then destroyed, leaving the tile surface beautiful again... without any damage!


The glass beads settle to the bottom of the pool, where they are vacuumed out after the procedure is complete... leaving the pool and spa crystal clean and ready to swim in! 

The whole procedure is quick and very inexpensive when weighing out the alternatives. Spend hours and days removing the buildup by hand with pumice stone or chemicals which cause damage, replace the tile which can be costly, or call New Living Pools. Contact us today to see how much time and money we can save you!

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